Posted: July 29, 2021

United Way of Southwestern Oregon seeks a temporary (one year) contracted Grants Project Manager to provide grant writing technical assistance to local nonprofits and community organizations, and assistance with coordination of UWSWO’s annual and ad hoc grantmaking programs. Emphasis for technical assistance services will be placed on small and/or volunteer-run organizations and collaborative grant writing opportunities among community organizations.

Position: Grants Project Manager (Contract, Temporary One Year Position)
Reports to: Executive Director

Summary: Established in 1961, United Way of Southwestern Oregon (“UWSWO”)’s mission is “to increase the organized capacity of the people of Southwestern Oregon to care for one another.” We fight for the health, education, and financial stability of Coos and Curry County residents. We serve Coos and Curry Counties. A primary UWSWO activity is our annual grantmaking program. In early 2020, UWSWO provided $28,500 in grants to 16 Coos and Curry County nonprofit organizations. Annual grant applications are reviewed by a committee of UWSWO Board members, community partners, and community advocates. UWSWO also coordinates ad-hoc grantmaking opportunities in response to natural and economic disasters; this review process is also committee-driven. In 2020, UWSWO raised over $260,000 in COVID-19 emergency relief funding which was allocated to over 65 Coos and Curry County nonprofits and community organizations.

From our COVID-19 emergency relief grants in particular, a need was identified to provide technical assistance to local nonprofits and community organizations, especially those that are small and/or volunteer-run, that are seeking grant funding.

Goal: UWSWO has created a Grants Project Manager contract position to provide technical assistance and  coordination with local nonprofits and community organizations on grant opportunities, coordinate internal UWSWO grant application processes, and assist with fundraising for our annual and ad-hoc grantmaking programs. This is a one-year contract designed to test the efficacy of this position as a permanent staff hire. The applicant chosen to fill this one-year contract is not guaranteed ongoing employment with UWSWO.

Primary responsibilities: As this is a new position, the following is an expected list of responsibilities for this position. Once this position is in place, feedback from UWSWO staff and Board, nonprofits, and community organizations may shift responsibilities and priorities. Applicants should be flexible and nimble in adjusting their work in accordance with the ongoing, urgent, and emerging needs of community partners seeking funding assistance.

A. Grant writing technical assistance to local nonprofits and community organizations

  1. Create regular communication channels with Coos and Curry County nonprofits and community organizations, with an emphasis on small organizations, organizations working collaboratively toward a common goal that aligns with UWSWO’s mission, and organizations providing services to underserved populations.
  2. Widely promote active grant opportunities.
  3. Provide complementary technical assistance to small nonprofits and community organizations, including but not limited to assistance with grant writing, implementation of data management systems for metrics tracking, and assistance with grant reporting.
  4. Support grant writing efforts by organizations fiscally sponsored by UWSWO.
  5. Research and promote grant writing training opportunities, and potentially organize local grant writing trainings.

B. UWSWO grantmaking coordination (annual and ad hoc)

  1. Conduct outreach to Coos and Curry County nonprofits and community organizations as appropriate.
  2. Organize grant review process.
  3. Implement and manage Foundant grantmaking software platform.
  4. Ensure grant awardee report completion.
  5. Draft relevant press releases and other community outreach regarding UWSWO grantmaking efforts and community partner successes.
  6. Assist with fundraising efforts for annual and ad-hoc grantmaking programs.

C. General

  1. Develop comprehensive nonprofit/community partner database.
  2. Coordinate with local funder network on unmet funding needs.
  3. Develop and maintain strong knowledge of the requirements and guidelines of federal, state, and local grants.
  4. Cultivate community support for UWSWO by maintaining contacts with local organizations, businesses, and individuals.

Evaluation metrics: The success of this contracted position will be determined by a variety of factors, including, but not limited to:

  1. # and total $ of grants awarded to nonprofits and community organizations and fiscally sponsored organization through technical assistance efforts
  2. # of new funding sources awarding grants to Coos and Curry County organizations
  3. # of grant-related press releases and other community outreach efforts completed
  4. # of UWSWO grant reports completed on time
  5. # of new Coos and Curry County nonprofits and community organizations engaging with UWSWO

Details regarding evaluation metrics will be discussed with applicants entering the interview process.

Compensation: The time commitment for this work will range between 20-30 hours per week for the duration of one year. Contractor fees should be all-inclusive and structured as an hourly rate not to exceed $46,000 annually. Nominal additional funds are available for travel reimbursements between Coos/Curry County, advertising and promotional costs, and miscellaneous administrative costs (e.g. annual Zoom license). No other expenses shall be covered, nor are any benefits offered.


  • RFP issued – July 29, 2021
  • Proposals due – August 16, 2021
  • Interviews held – August 17-20, 2021
  • Decision made and offer extended – week of August 23, 2021
  • Start date ASAP after offer extension

Proposal Format: Please submit proposals to Jen Shafer, Executive Director of UWSWO, by email at director at or by US Mail to PO Box 1288, Coos Bay, OR 97420. Please include the following information in your proposal:

  • Individual contact information (name, email, phone number of person submitting proposal)
  • If applicable, company contact Information (company web site, mailing address)
  • High level plan for accomplishing project goals, including approach and general timeline for outreach, engagement, and training for community partners and community at large
  • Rate of compensation for services provided
  • Examples of past work that is similar to this project
  • References (3 or more, from similar projects)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement of Principle
United Way of Southwestern Oregon takes the broadest possible view of diversity. We value the visible and invisible qualities that make a person who they are. We welcome that every person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our fight for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our Coos and Curry County communities. We believe that each United Way community member, donor, volunteer, advocate, and employee must have equal access to solving community problems. We strive to include diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our daily work. We commit to using these practices for our business and our communities. Join us in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion for every person in every community.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.