Coats & Shoes for Kids

Each fall we reach out to school nurses, secretaries, and teachers in Coos and Curry Counties and ask them to identify K-12 students most in need of a new coat or pair of shoes that year. Selected students receive a voucher which they are able to redeem at our Coos Bay Walmart on a specified day, or by way of volunteers who shop for these students after the event. In November 2018, we were able to provide over 300 students with a new coat or pair of shoes, and over 200 of these students showed up in person to redeem their vouchers!

The need – and the cost of these items – grows each year. You can help! Contact us to volunteer for our next Coats & Shoes voucher redemption day on November 9, or make a donation to support this and other programs serving residents in Coos and Curry Counties!